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• This page contains the thoughts and comments of Hooton Roberts.


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This is the HootonRoberts commentary section that includes items and points that he has raised on a personal level through correspondence, conversation and on twitter.


Any views and opinions expressed here are, at this time, mine alone, particularly the moody, passionate, ranting, humourous and dark ones. It's because I care and I firmly believe that we all should.



You may agree or disagree. It's okay either way.

I try to avoid reading newspapers as they very rarely print anything of value or relevance. However, it is always important to have some idea of what is going on in the world and form your own ideas and opinions. These days, we have the internet to ensure we can keep ourselves informed and aware.


Comments made on twitter in blue include -


So how do shows with Chris Evans get commissioned these days? You could eat alphabetti-spaghetti & shit better ideas.


The One Show with guest Davina McCall. I'm sure there's something about this event in the Book of Revelations?

Those pictures on my computer screen; are THEY iconic?


I'm going to have my Oyster card chip sewn into my hand so I can cavort around London's public transport system as if I were a Jedi knight.


Some of my best thoughts, most peaceful moments and important ideas have happened in libraries.


I think that I now have enough followers to start a decent gang.


School-run parents - would it really hurt your kids if they had to walk that extra 15 yards?


Cooking up the tea/dinner/supper (delete as appropriate).
Gravy, everyone?

Do you think that Richard Littlejohn refers to us all as the 'twitter-ista'?


Good to see former 'statesmen' such as Alastair  Campbell & John Prescott conducting their time away from politics with such dignity.


Bah! Been told that the 'Richard Madeley, DJ' on BBC Radio 2 is not a Steve Coogan character but a real person. Damn these hoaxers!


#1970s - The only decade where you could say to your Mum - 'if I put my Chopper away, can I get my Clackers out?'


All resolutions have failed within 2 weeks! Back to swearing, ranting & sarcasm. I cracked. I blame people.

Beglin's Thesaurus new entry -
To Berbatov - to delay falling over, to cause tears by not staying on two feet. (see also to Drogba).
Kelvin Mackenzie on the BBC again?
Why is barrel being scraped so vigorously for guests on 'discussion' shows?
"Peter Andre named Britain's hardest working singer for doing most gigs in 2010."
Pete, you need a break.
About 25 years should do it.



#sadfood –Steak and Ail Pie, Cornish Nasty, Chocolate Fudge Frownies





My intention is to place items on here that will require your interaction and request your opinion.

Once I've become more confident with setting up pages and information, I'll include more.




My passions are books, films, football, politics, comedy, environmental issues and sustainable housing, good food, bad (for you) food, music, technology, driving, good TV, bad TV...to name but a few.



Is there a film starring Dustin Hoffman, Philip Seymour-Hoffman, Felicity Huffman and David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff? And if not, why not?


Kids tripping on the streets? I blame the pavements.


I got a Steven Gerrard tea tray for Christmas. It carries ten mugs.


"Peter Andre named Britain's hardest working singer for doing most gigs in 2010."
Pete, you need a break.
About 25 years should do it.