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HootonRoberts loves to visit places with rude names. During his travels he has visited Cuntis in Galicia, Spain and the villages of Pissy and Bully in Normandy, France.


Cuntis is a genuine place but I wouldn't recommend trying to steal the sign as it is huge! Plus, if you're flying on some airlines from nearby Santiago de Compostela, you will probably be charged the price of a seat to get it back home.



Shitterton is in Dorset which is a wonderful county with outstanding scenery from the Jurassic coast to Weymouth and along to Bridport. My ONLY negative observation was when visiting 'Monkey World' where I was reprimanded for 'antagonising the chimpanzees' (I was, in fact, just pulling faces and gesturing at them); I wanted to point out that chimpanzees aren't monkeys, but that would've been childish.


Butt Hole Road was in Conisbrough, Doncaster (near the village of Hooton Roberts) but was renamed due to people like me mithering the residents and clogging up their small road to take a photograph.


The river Wiry in Normandy is close to Amiens which is another good place to visit.


The next picture is of an Indian restaurant in Hazel Grove near Stockport that would make my friend laugh uncontrollably as he asked if anyone fancied a Nobin. 


L'Arse wine is a very nice red, good with a clean glass and maybe a bag of nuts.



Even on the way to a potentially rude named place, there can be the bonus of an amusing sign or bus company. You may think it peurile but I find it fuecking funny!


Or a shopping trip can become fun when you find a product like Knobber.


And who could resist a Swiss Finger at only 40p?


That 'Littlejohn's Britain' book was 1 in Poundland and it was overpriced at THAT! I've often said that if he changed his name to John Littlerichard, maybe, just maybe, he'd be a little bit more entertaining. No, you're right; he wouldn't would he?


Now, if I ever want roofing supplies, I know where to go.



Would you believe that these two car number plates below were photographed by me within a few hours of each other in Holloway, London? 


In Tenerife, I found this Sheffield United versus Sheffield Wednesday table football. Well, it could be Atletico Madrid versus Deportivo La Coruna, I suppose!


As for Sky TV, I don't remember the Clint Dempsey incident in the highlights.


I'm sure we've all needed a mighty dump at some time in our lives.



On a serious note, one of my favourite places is Santiago de Compostela in Spain. But you wouldn't like it.


I like France too.

And Edinburgh.

And Crete.


Because of my respect for these places, I have avoided taking photographs of rude places in or near them. Well, apart from Cuntis but that was TOO good an opportunity to pass up!



I hope that you've enjoyed my photographs but note that I've placed them here as a distraction whilst I beaver away at the hidden parts of the website that will be revealed once I am happy with the content. Please keep visiting as I intend to add more pictures and try to keep you amused.


Other interests -


I love Ned Flanders. There, I've said it. He's my favourite character in a cartoon-based medium on the TV by far. He's a kindly sould and a wonderful neighbour; who wouldn't want to live next door to him?

I also love football and have a number of opinions on a game that I have followed for the majority of my life.

I enjoy comedy; new and old from Peter Cook, Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin and Bill Hicks through to Bill Bailey, Tim Vine (the meister of the pun) and The Mighty Boosh to name a small handful.

Music is important and books are always in my bag or pocket as I love to read. Favourite authors include John Irving and Jake Arnott.  






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Look at the pretty pictures!


Remember that this is merely a distraction while I set up the rest of this website.





Years ago, I'd've tried to graffiti this. Computers, eh?