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HootonRoberts starts a website.





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Coming soon - blogs, opinions and ranting.


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For now, please enjoy the photographs and I'll try to make this site worthy of a regular visit.




HootonRoberts is the pseudonym for an aspiring writer and creative individual who intends to use this space to cultivate and develop ideas, opinions, humour, passion, poetry, music, stories and photographs of places with rude names. Anything else will be a bonus. Please enjoy.




Any views and opinions expressed here are, at this time, mine alone, particularly the moody, passionate, ranting, humourous and dark ones. It's because I care and I firmly believe that we all should.


My passions are books, films, football, politics, comedy, environmental issues and sustainable housing, justice, good food, bad (for you) food, music, technology, driving, good TV, bad TV...to name but a few.


Above is a photograph of a newspaper that has been rolled up. I'm hoping to put some more interesting pictures on here in the near future.

Actually, have a gander under the 'photographs' tab as I distract you with pretty pictures!







My intention is to place items on here that will require your interaction and request your opinion.

Once I've become more confident with setting up pages and information, I'll include more information.



So, to fill the gaps, above is a picture of a piece of rolled-up film. Rolled up just like the newspaper on the left.





My BLOG is available on